About - Urban ethnic Jewelry


El Bazar de Kali is a jewelry and accessories brand born in 2015 in Barcelona and it is currently based in Munich. I dedicate myself to the craft and design of accessories and I also import ethnic jewels from all over the world. 

My brand diverts in two well-differentiated lines of work: Jewelry and accessories are brought from different parts of the world, mainly from Pakistan, India, Africa, Morocco...
El Bazar de Kali personally designed and handcrafted ethnic, boho, and vintage accessories.

My name is Noelia, I am the creator and designer of this project. I am a tribal fusion dancer and this experience brought me to develop my own creativity in a new language, through my hands. 
Every piece is crafted with finesse and love and contains a little part of my own soul.

My feminist vision of life, my passion for dance, art history, mythology, and the different cultures in the world are all reflected when I create a new piece, these are my sources of inspiration.

El Bazar de Kali is a brand that seeks to empower women through unique and powerful jewels which are full of energy.

The philosophy of my shop is to wear jewelry not to look outward but to look inward. Wearing jewelry empowers you, when you empower yourself you grow, you trust yourself more, and then you bring something from the inside out.
Going deeper with you can be on an artistic level, on an emotional level, on a learning level...... It doesn't matter in what way, it's more about action, it's more about looking inside yourself.

My inspiration when creating the pieces are those women who go deep, who look inside themselves, who move their roots, who are not afraid to touch the bottom to come back to the surface... all this makes you know yourself a little more and more, and knowing yourself makes you stronger, wiser, with fewer fears.

 Sometimes an object takes us somewhere or brings us to an inner emotion. I create pieces full of soul, because I make them myself, and I put part of my soul into each one of them. And I hope that these soulful pieces can touch other souls. That you look in a mirror with a new necklace, and you see yourself beautiful, great, powerful, that it makes you think about the good that is inside you.

Because I believe that a jewel should beautify you on the outside and also on the inside.


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